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Welcome to the Shelterbelt Show Wagon! 

Please enjoy these wonderful monologues presented by the Shelterbelt family of playwrights and actors!  We’ll drop new monologues as we get them in.

Together, we’ll get through this!  Come play with us! 

"We Are On Our Way" 
performed by Teri Fender, written by Ellen Struve
We Are On Our Way - Struve - FenderEllen Struve
00:00 / 08:22
"Felix Z. Longoria" 
performed by Homero Vela, written by Joe Basque
Felix Z. Longoria - Basque - VelaJoe Basque - Homero Vela
00:00 / 04:23
performed by Meganne Horrocks, written by Jeremy Johnson
Fanboy by Jeremy Johnson, with Meganne HorrocksJeremy Johnson
00:00 / 09:35
"Blue Marble" written and performed by Tim Vallier
Blue Marble by Tim VallierTim Vallier
00:00 / 04:09
"Are the Bracelets Women Wear Vestigial Handcuffs?"
performed by Debbie Krambeck, written by Joe Basque
Are the Bracelets Women Wear Vestigial HJoe Basque
00:00 / 11:10
"Did You Know In That Moment?" 
performed by Angie Frey, written by Daena Schweiger
Did You Know In That Moment - Angie FreyDaena Schweiger - Angie Frey
00:00 / 09:32
"Social Media"  *NSFW language warning 
performed by Emma Johnson, written by Daena Schweiger
Social Media with Emma Johnson by Daena Daena Schweiger - Emma Johnson
00:00 / 15:05
"The Failed Actor's Guide to Stage Management"
performed by Daena Schweiger, written by Joe Basque
Failed Actor Guide to Stage Management - performed by Daena SchweigerJoe Basque
00:00 / 07:06
"Loopin' Ladies of Laredo"
performed by Suzanne Withem, written by Ben Beck
Loopin' Ladies of Laredo- BeckBen Beck
00:00 / 12:14
"Way to Go, Yogi" written and performed by Scott Working
"Way to Go, Yogi" by Scott WorkingScott Working
00:00 / 03:10
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